The Princess 5000 - pressure relief bed

  • Pressure relief at the touch of a button

    quiet, smooth motion.

  • Programmed turning intervals

    even whilst sitting up

  • Assist's with moving & handling

    manual 30 degree turn

The Princess 5000 Lateral Tilting Bed 

A revolution in the prevention of pressure sores
Movement is very important to prevent pressure ulcers. The Princess 5000 lateral tilting bed is therefore used for people who are most at risk. The automatic turning programme uses frequent movement to change pressure points to help prevent ulcers and aid circulation. The Princess 5000 helps nurses and occupational therapists whilst turning patients during routine care with a manual 30 degree tilt function.

The turning programme can be set every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to meet the user's requirements. The movement is so smooth that it does not disturb sleep and the patient can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep.

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the effects the Princess 5000 bed has had on one of our service users. It has been invaluable in her treatment and care and has given her extra independence whilst she has been recovering from a grade 4 pressure sore. The sore is now completely healed and I believe that this is partly due to the use of this bed"
Caroline Jarvis
Tissue Viability Nurse


Advantages to patient:
  • Helps prevent pressure sores
  • Excellent Comfort
  • Lateral tilt programme tailored to the patient's needs
  • Reduced intake of painkillers and sleeping drugs
  • Pressure dispersing mattress
Advantages for nursing staff:
  • Easy to set automatic lateral tilt programme
  • Fewer dressings to apply
  • A reduction in manual repositioning
  • More time for other nursing duties
  • Easy to operate manual controls
Bed dimensions:
  • Widths:                           90 & 105 cm
  • Length:                            204 cm
  • Minimum height:             35 cm
  • Maximum height:            80 cm
  • Overall widths:                102 & 117 cm
  • Overall length:                 220 cm
  • Maximum user weight:  175 Kg

Key features:

  • Modern stylish design with wooden head and foot boards
  • Fibreglass integrated side rails
  • Two handsets - one for profiling and a second for tilting funtions
  • Four section profiling base with lever to disengage the knee break
  • Electrically operated backrest
  • Electrically operated height adjustment
  • Trendelelnburg/reverse Trendelelnburg functions as standard
  • 24 v actuators and control systems
  • Standard bed width is 90 cm, a wider 104 cm is available to special order.


  • Extra heiight side rails.
  • Side rail bumpers with mesh panel.
  • High pole with grab handle.
  • Padding for head & foot boards.
  • Alternating air flow mattress with pump.
  • Zipped Thermo-Cool cotton mattress cover.
  • Magnetic handset holder with flexible arm.
  • Side mounted 180° rotating grab handle.
  • Transportation trolley.

 "I became paraplegic following an accident I had in 2012. This spinal injury means that I can no longer walk, so various items of equipment have become necessary for me to have. One of them is a Princess 5000 bed,supplied by Action Assist Ltd.

I rate this company very highly, and from my experience I wish to recommend them as a reliable, professional, efficient company and always very human in their contact with me.

Over the three years I have been involved with this company, they have been very easy to contact. I have had quick replies to any questions I put to them and on one occasion, they quickly assisted with a problem which arose in my home which was not connected to their company. This was impressive. 

I have no reservation in recommending Action Assist to you. I have nothing negative to say about this company."

Sylvia B. Muir

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 Princess 5000 pressure relief bed. 

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