Electric Adjustable Beds for the Elderly and People with Limited Mobility

Here at Action Assist, you and your loved ones are our top priority. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect specialist electric adjustable bed or chair for your needs. We have sourced the best quality and widest range of assistive chairs and beds available for sale or rent in the market. All our mobility products are made in the UK, Sweden, Germany and France, we do supply any mass produced cheaper products. With easy ordering and installation, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be with you at every stage to give their expert advice and professional support. We provide the very best service so that you can provide the very best care.
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Medical beds and chairs for pressure relief: 

We know that each client has individual needs and so we offer an extensive range of medical beds and chairs for sale and hire, so that you can find the product that is truly right for you. Our height adaptable beds are available in both doubles and singles, and we also offer bariatric beds and turning beds. 

All of our quality products are hand chosen by our experienced staff and offer the very latest in medical advancements.                                              
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Convenient trial process and easy rentals:

We at Action Assist understand that it can be hard to predict how long you’ll need a medical bed. For short term solutions, whether you’re aiding someone through a rehabilitation process or need more equipment for your medical practice, we offer assistive bed rentals. With a memory foam pressure relieving mattress in PU waterproof covers, our rentals provide the ultimate security and comfort.

We also offer trials so you can test out which product works best for you. 

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Expert installation by experienced staff:

We provide assistance to people with all levels of experience, from medical professionals to first-time users who are adapting their own home. So we’re proud to provide our expert support, including in-depth technical information, training, and on-going assistance. 

Our delivery is quick and painless, with our helpful and experienced delivery staff taking just five minutes to install your new medical bed.    
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which electrical adjustable bed or chair will match your requirements.

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