The Euro 502 twin profiling, height adjustable bed is built with quality, safety and comfort in mind this modern design will enhance any bedroom setting.
A flexible four section profiling, twin bed, with variable height adjustment, and has the option of being fitted with integral wooden or epoxy coated metal folding side rails. This bed is available in widths of 140, 160 & 180 cm and can be configured to have only one side profiling and one side flat. Having a wide choice of wood finishes and frame colours, existing decor and furniture can easily be matched. To enhance comfort further this bed is supplied with the latest high grade pressure relieving memory foam mattresses in either Thermo-Cool cotton or breathable waterproof covers.


Available widths: 140, 160 & 18 cm
Length: 200 cm
Minimum height: 36 cm
Maximum height: 73 cm
Overall widths: 144, 164 & 184 cm
Overall length: 210 cm
Maximum user weight: 270 kg

Key features:

  • Electrically operated variable height allows the bed to be raised from 36 cm to 72 cm high, excluding the mattresses. 
  • Two independently electrically operated backrests raise from 0° to 85°.
  • Two independently electrically operated leg sections with knee breaks.
  • Four Independent locking swivel castors (central braking is optional).
  • Designed to accommodate a mobile hoist with the bed in its lowest position.
  • Easy to operate integral two bar wooden side rails or three bar metal folding side rails (both are optional).
  • Individually operated eight button handsets with magnetic swipe safety fob locks.
  • Mountings for a lifting pole with grab handle or IV pole supports.
  • Complete with the latest high grade memory foam pressure relieving mattresses and breathable, PU waterproof covers with sealed seams and protective flaps.
  • Maximum user weight of 270 Kg.
  • Can be assembled in 5 minutes by one person without the use of tools.
  • Removable plastic panels on the sleeping surfaces for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Can be extended in length by 20 cm with an extension panel.
  • 5 Year Warranty on all mechanical and electrical components.


  • Lifting pole and grab handle. 
  • Adjustable side mounted D handle.
  • Removable metal folding side rails.
  • Integrated two bar wooden side rails.
  • Padded side rail protectors with mesh panels.
  • 20 cm bed extender (mattress infill required).
  • Thermo Cool cotton mattress coverd.
  • Back rest with auto regression.
  • Back rest fitted with CPR function.
  • Magnetic handset holder with flexible arm.
  • Cordless infra-red remote control.
Please call for further details on 01977 689400 about our Euro 502 twin profiling beds.