Rental terms and prices of our Specialist Beds.

Because life is unpredictable, we at Action Assist offer rentals as well as purchases on all of our specialist beds. Whether you’re helping a loved one through rehabilitation or you're a medical professional, we have a range of short and long term rentals available.

What’s included with renting a bed.

All rental beds are supplied with the latest high grade memory foam pressure relieving mattress in breathable, PU waterproof covers or Thermo-cool cotton covers. After the minimum thirteen week rental period, beds can be rented on a weekly basis. Reduced rates are available for larger numbers of bed rentals and longer rental periods.

All rental prices include an annual service and safety inspection and any necessary maintenance, and breakdown assistance.

How renting a specialist bed works.

At any time during the initial thirteen weeks rental period, you can convert the rental contract to a purchase, and any rental costs paid are deducted from the original purchase price.

Rented beds incur a £165 delivery charge and a £165 decommissioning and collection charge. Any breakage or damage due to misuse or accidental damage will incur extra charges.
A minimum of fourteen days notice is required to terminate the rental.

Prices of our specialist bed rentals.

Rates are per week and on a minimum contract period of thirteen weeks. 
  • Princess 5000 - 3’0” wide lateral tilting bed. £110.00     
  • Princess 5000 - 3’6” wide lateral tilting bed. £125.00  
  • Viscount 400 Independent transfer bed. £137.00       
  • Solace 382 ultra low profiling height adjustable bed. £80.00

  • Solace 520 profiling, height adjustable bed with Trendelenburg /anti - Trendelenburg. £85.00

  • Junior profiling, height adjustable bed. £70.00
  • Solace 302 profiling, height adjustable bed. Widths from:  3’0’ to 5’0’  £75.00 - £95.00 

  • Solace 502 twin profiling, height adjustable bed. Widths from: 4’6” to 6’0” £95.00 - £125.00
Rental terms and prices

For further details contact us:

             At Action Assist we offer specialist bed rentals for low costs, 
            please call 01977 689400 for further details.

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