The Gemini rise and recline chair.

Gemini 4000 range of adjustable chairs are specifically designed to enhance any living room setting. This flexible chair is available with a choice of two seat widths and two seat depths. The width can be altered by replacing the removable arm rest with alternative arms. The depth of seat can be altered by replacing the removable back rest with an alternative back. Both of the alternative arms and back rest can be purchased separately and do not alter the overall look of the chair. There is a choice of two colour ways in two-tone fabrics (Chocolate or Taupe). The backrest, seat and leg rest fabric can be removed for washing or replacement. With a large selection of accessories such as a reversible tray and magazine holder and a long guarantee, we believe the Gemini to be one of the most comfortable and flexible rise and recline chairs in today's market place.

Description of the Gemini rise and recline chair:

The rise and recline is a dual motor chair, with the leg rest and back rest operating independently to allow users to lay back or rise with ease. The seat and waterfall back are ergonomic and designed to fit the contours of the body, meaning that the rise and recline chair provides both support and comfort to those with issues such as back pain, MS and arthritis. 

Main features of the Gemini rise and recline chair:

The chair comes with two side pockets, perfect for stowing a television remote, book, glasses or other personal items so that they remain secure and at close reach. There is a built in power failure system so that the user does not get stuck in position in the case of a power outage, and the rise and recline chair comes with a 4 button handset that is simple to use and operates both motors independently. 

Multiple styles for your Gemini rise and recline chair:

The rise and recline chair comes in multiple different colours to blend seamlessly into your furniture at home. The comfort is unsurpassed, meaning that the user can truly relax while sitting.

Gemini 4000 chair brochure

Our rise and recline chairs are ideal for those who need that extra level of comfort and flexibility – call 01977 689400 to find out more.

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