• Single, double & twin adjustable divans

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Single, Double and Twin Adjustable Divan Beds

At Action Assist we understand that the third of your life spent in bed is the foundation for the two thirds you spend awake. A good nights sleep leads to a good day, To get up every day feeling refreshed, you need a bed that offers correct support. Without it, muscles tire and
your REM sleep - the most restorative part of your sleep cycle - is disrupted as you shift to relieve pressure points This exclusive collection ensures the perfect bed for everyone.
The rise in popularity of power-assisted beds is quite astonishing. It’s no secret that people love technology and gadgets that improve their day-to-day lives, so naturally the modern consumer seems to really engage with the concept of being able to adjust their bed to their optimum sleeping position at the touch of a button.
We have combined more than 25 years of industry and bed design experience to create, this adjustable divan bed collection. We pride ourselves to innovate and bring well-designed,highly functional products to the market.
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